Church of the Epiphany
Third Sunday of Advent
December 14th, 2008 Bulletin

Meetings This Week

Sunday, December 14

11:00am RH RCIA
4:00pm DR Spanish Marriage Encounter

Monday, December 15

5:30pm CRY Legion of Mary
7:00pm CH
Parish Novena

Tuesday, December 16

5:00pm RH Youth Ministry
7:00pm CH
Parish Novena

Wednesday, December 17

7:00pm CH Parish Novena

Thursday, December 18

7:00pm CH Parish Novena
7:30pm CHP Choir Rehearsal

Friday, December 19

Last Day of School for Epiphany
7:00pm CH Parish Novena

Saturday, December 20

9:30am RH Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors Meeting
1:00pm RH Grief Ministry
4:00pm CH Confessions
7:00pm CH
Parish Novena

Sunday, December 21

9:00am OKH Knights of Columbus
11:00am RH RCIA
2:00pm OKH Filipino Society
7:00pm CH
Parish Novena

Mass Intentions

Sunday, December 14

6:30am Rizalino, Alfonso & Arturo Briones
8:30am Cathlyn Bantug & Jerome Flores
10:00am Enrique Roman
11:30am Intention: Maria Espinosa
1:00pm Maria de Jesus Gonzales
5 :30pm Ricardo & Lourdes Alcaras

Monday, December 15

6:30am Mingo & Louisa Baciocco
Community Mass:

Annetta Machi
Sam Lucia
Otoniel Muñoz

11:00am People of the Parish
7:00pm Zosimo Reyes & Victoria Casem

Tuesday, December 16

6:30am Intention: Christine Winston
8:00am Filomena&CarmineVicino
7:00pm Shiela McCarthy

Wednesday, December 17

6:30am Intention: Danny & Estelita Bernal
8:00am Celina Lay
7:00pm Amelia O. Lumba

Thursday, December 18

6:30am Matilde Agasid
8:00am Carlo Renatti
7:00pm Celedonia, Felipe & Felipe Jr. Fabian

Friday, December 19

6:30am Pedro G. Santos, Jr.
8:00am Micheal Downing & John Russo
7:00pm Thanksgiving: De Castro Family

Saturday, December 20

8:00am Jerome Lippi
5:30pm Mercedes Obdulia & Mercedes Cativo
7:00pm Guillermo & Liberata Bernal

Sunday, December 21

6:30am Tomas Agpoon
8:30am Salvatore Rosario & Cocetta Turrisi
10:00am Eduardo Bautista
11:30am Ivan Miranda Tavira
1:00pm Intention: Remedios Cordero
5 :30pm Lester & Catherine Callaghan
7:00pm Abraham & Leanor Galang and Gerando & Victoria Dizon

Pray for the Sick

Arnold & Allyson Artes, Odet Atiya, Angela Aviles-O’Shea, Richard Anduha, Mabel Baker, Magdalena Blanco, Elfrida Byrd Timoteo Bohol, Faustino Buenaventura, Delia Carrasco, Nathan Carzon, Krystal Chan, Winnie Cheung, Vickie Crivello, Abdon A. David, Magdalena David, Dawn Devenere, Editha Esparza, Con Fahey, Marilyn Fletcher, Jacob Garcia, Bob Gardner, Dennis Gillikin, Filmon & Sally Gotaj, Narcisa Gonzales, Samuel Gutierrez, Vilma Gutierrez, Fran Hartle, Linda Ibarra, Rosie Joseph, Leonard Huddleston, Armando Lanza, Gemma Lavapiez, Leona Lawrence, Remigio Leonardo, Diana Leung, J.R. Litehiser, Frank Loomis, Margie Lopez, Luis Lopez, Ray Lopez, Olivia Lumapas, Elisa Mangabay, Deveda Martinez, José Rene Mena, Marilyn Menjivar, Celeste McFarland, Julia Miranda, Josie Moggia, Lorena Morales, Lou Nardi, Victor Negron, Ramona Pinkerman, Dorothy Peter, Peg Philpott, Dolores Quattrin, Remedios Ramos, Edwin R. Ramos, Elsa & Max Ramos, Evelyn Rosales, Tom Repetto, David Ruport, Sr., Richard Ryan, Father Franc Shifrar, Baby Natalie Solis, Tina Strebel, Conrado, Sr. & Victorina Uy Joe Valerga, Ruby Vasquez, Peiling Ye.

To keep these names on the list, please notify us every 2 weeks.

Pray for the Dead

All those who have died from violence this past week.

Verona Miralles
Celia Montano
Proceso Wycoco

News from the Church of the Epiphany

Coming Up Soon

Novena of Masses (Simbang Gabi)

“Journeying as Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord” is the theme of our Novena of Masses for Christmas, which is being coordinated by the Spiritual Life Commission. It begins this Monday, December 15th at 7:00pm until the culmination on Tuesday, December 23rd Each evening will consist of a faith testimony, a homily by the celebrant, one of our choirs singing and a reception in the cafeteria. Let us all come together and prepare for the coming of the PRINCE OF PEACE, THE KING OF KINGS and THE LORD OF ALL!
For information, please call:

Dante G. Tayag (415) 334-5964
Maria Elena Herrera (415) 585-7878

All Groups

As we begin our preparation for Christmas. We ask that all our groups postpone and/or reschedule ALL evening meetings between Monday, December 15th and Tuesday, December 23rd so that we can all celebrate our Parish Novena together. If you need to reschedule, please contact Jenny at the Parish Office. (415) 333-7630. Thank you.

“Word of Life” Quote of the Week:

At Christmas we contemplate
God made man, divine glory
hidden beneath the poverty of a
Child wrapped in swaddling
clothes and laid in a manger; the
Creator of the Universe reduced
to the helplessness of an infant.
Once we accept this paradox, we
discover the Truth that sets us
free and the Love that
transforms our lives. On
Bethlehem Night, the Redeemer
becomes one of us, our
companion along the precarious
paths of history. Let us take the
hand which he stretches out to
us: it is a hand which seeks to
take nothing from us, but only to

-Pope Benedict XVI, Urbi et Orbi
Message, Christmas 2005


The Giving Tree

Please choose an ornament from the Giving Tree in the church. You may bring an appropriate, new, unwrapped children’s gift or a donation for a plant for the homebound to the Parish Office by December 15th. Thank you for your generosity.


We are asking for poinsettia flowers to decorate our altar and church with. Red or white poinsettias are asked to be brought to the Parish Office before December 23rd

Cleaning of the Church

We will be cleaning our church on Saturday, December 20th from 10:00am to 12:00pm. All help is needed and very much welcome. We hope you can make it!

Annual Discernment Weekend

St. Patrick’s Seminary & University will be hosting its 15th Annual Discernment Weekend from 4:00pm on Friday, January 16th to 1:00pm on Sunday, January 18th. Any men from the Archdiocese of San Francisco considering a vocation to the priesthood are cordially invited.
Please don’t hesitate to contact Mary Verducci at (650) 325-5621, ext. 211 or if you have any questions considering the Discernment Weekend.

Walk for Life 2009

Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 24th, 2009. Join upwards of 25,000 pro-lifers for the 5th Annual Walk for Life in San Francisco as we peacefully proclaim our message that abortion hurts women and we all deserve better than abortion. For more information visit the website: To volunteer or to arrange transportation contact (415) 586-1576 or email questions to

For Your Information

Christmas envelopes

We have mailed our Christmas letters and offertory envelopes. If you have not received them, please contact the Parish Office. Thank you.

Church Decoration

We will be decorating our church for Christmas on Tuesday, December 23rd from 11:00am and on. We hope to see you there!

Christmas Mass Schedule

Christmas Eve
Wednesday, December 24th
5:30pm Children’s Mass
11:00pm Caroling
12:00am Midnight Mass

Christmas Day
Thursday, December 25th
11:30am Spanish Mass
NO 5:30pm Mass

Today’s Second Collection:

The second collection is for the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. We are at 76% of our $84,800 assigned goal. Please help us reach our goal!

Next Week’s Second Collection:

The second collection will be for our Parish Athletic Program.

Last Week’s Collection Totals

Sunday’s Offering: $9,587.70
Second Collection:

Reflections GOSPEL: John 1:6-8, 19-28
Today’s gospel reading is about the importance of giving witness. The role of John the Baptist was to testify to the light that is Christ. John the Baptist said he was not the Messiah. His baptism and his preaching were to prepare for the Messiah, one far greater than John. It is the coming of the Messiah that the entire world awaits, and we learn about who the Messiah is from all of today’s readings. Waiting requires patience on our part, and becoming prepared for the one who is coming. How are we preparing to celebrate Jesus’ coming this Christmas as the Messiah? What kindness can we give to others this week to show that we are ready?

1.) What does John say that he is not?

2.) What does John say that he is?

3.) Do you think John is clear about what his work is?

4.) Why does John baptize?

5.) How can we prepare for the one who is coming?