Church of the Epiphany
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 3rd, 2008 Bulletin

Meetings This Week

Sunday, August 3

11:00am RH RCIA
12:30pm CAF Divino Salvador del Mundo Reception
12:15 pm CHP Guitar Lessons
1:00pm YM Latino Youth Group
2:30pm CH Baptisms (English)
6:00pm SMA Spanish Marriage Encounter

Monday, August 4

10:00am SMJ St.Michael’s Ministry
5:00pm CRY Legion of Mary
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Tuesday, August 5

10:00am SMJ St. Michael’s Ministry
11:00am SMA Holy Rosary Sodality
5:00pm RH Soul Youth Group

Wednesday, August 6

8:00am DR AA (English)
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Thursday, August 7

1:00pm CAF Rehearsal for SOUL Youth Ministry’s Talent Show
7:00pm CAF Grupo de Oracion
7:00pm YM Latino Youth Group
8:00pm DR AA (English)

Friday, August 8

6:00pm CAF SOUL Youth Ministry’s Talent Show Set-up
7:00pm 7W English Baptismal Preparation Class

Saturday, August 9

4:00pm CH Confessions
6:00pm CAF SOUL Youth Ministry’s Talent Show
5:00pm SMA Spanish Marriage Encounter
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Sunday, August 10

11:00am RH RCIA
12:15 pm CHP Guitar Lessons
1:00pm YM Latino Youth Group
2:00pm CAF Filipino Task Force
2:30pm 7W Education Commission
2:30pm CH Baptisms (English)

Mass Intentions

Sunday, August 3

6:30am People of the Parish
8:30am Ignatius & Anna Balestrieri
10:00am Gregorio & Nieves Aquino
11:30am Angelita Aparicio & Enrique Valdez
1:00pm Eduardo Bautista
5:30pm Sophie Cvitanich

Monday, August 4

6:30am Domingo Zapata
Community Mass:

Jesus Ayala
Narciso Martinez

Tuesday, August 5

6:30am Marcello Bonacchi
8:00am Purificacion Fabula

Wednesday, August 6

6:30am Hector Ha
8:00am Frank Fabula

Thursday, August 7

6:30am Gildo Manfredi
8:00am Josefa Guillermo

Friday, August 8

6:30am Antonio Juangco
8:00am Carmen Erfe

Saturday, August 9

8:00am Anna & Ignatius Balestrieri
5:30pm Joey Lavin

Sunday, August 10

6:30am June McOwien
8:30am People of the Parish
10:00am Lucio De Rosas
11:30am Thanksgiving: Josephine Espinosa
1:00pm Aniceto Dango, Sr.
5:30pm John Quattrin

We Congratulate the Newly Baptized

Julian Arevalo
Kaelen Bumagat
Andrew Beltran
Andrew Canada
Riley de la Fuente

Jordan Ocampo
Angel Adolfo Orellana
Adan Pacheco-Pascasio
Reese Sequeira
Kyle Terzian, Jr.

Pray for the Sick

Mary Anduha
Richard Anduha
Olga Anleu
Arnold & Allyson Artes
Baby Magglio Boscarino
Sergio Canjura
Delia Carrasco
Nathan Carzon
Krystal Chan
Bro. Haig M. Charshaf
Mary D’Angelo
Magdalena David
Dawn Devenere
Charito Garcia
Bob Gardner

Filmon Gotaj
Guillermo Guillen
Rosie Joseph
Gemma Valencia Lavapiez
Diane Leung
Aida Linares
J.R. Litehiser
Frank Loomis
Margie Lopez
Josie Moggia
Ted Mosqueda
Peg Philpott
Dolores Quattrin
Tina Strebel

To keep these names on the list, please notify us every 2 weeks.

Pray for the Dead

All those who have died from violence this past week.

Jose C. David, Sr.
Lolly Deras
Julie Hernandez
Rosa Lazzare
Tomas Pecson
Froilan San Jose

News from the Church of the Epiphany

Coming Up Soon

BBQ Sale

The Knights of Columbus will be selling barbecue in the front of church after the 8:30am & 10:00am Masses.

August Schedules

August schedules for Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers are available for pickup at the Parish Office or can be downloaded at:

Talent Show

The SOUL Youth Group invites everyone to their Talent Show, which will be Saturday, August 9th at 7:00pm in the cafeteria. Presale tickets can be purchased at the Parish Office: adults-$5 and students-$ 4. Tickets will also be sold at the door. Please come and support our youth!

Hispanic Charismatic Catholic Congress

On Saturday and Sunday, August 9th & 10th, there will be a Hispanic Charismatic Catholic Congress held at Mercy High School (3250 19th Ave, SF) from 8:00- 6:00pm. For information please contact Rev. José M. Corral at (415) 333-3627. There is a $5 donation per person per day. Note: This is the same congress that has taken place at St. Mary’s Cathedral.


Thunder Valley

The Over 50 Club invites you to join us in a trip to Thunder Valley Casino on Tuesday, August 19th. The cost is $26 per person with bonuses. For reservations, please call Ken at (415) 334-3650 or Steve at (415) 239-7740. The bus will leave at exactly 8:30am from Italy & Naples.

Feather Falls Casino

The Grupo Hispano invites you to Feather Falls Casino on Saturday, August 23rd. The cost is $17 per person with $10 cash-back. The bus will depart at 7:00am sharp from the corner of Italy & Naples Streets. For information and/or reservations, please call Maria Elena at (415) 585-7878.

School of Religion

Registration forms for our School of Religion are available at the Parish Office.

August 31st is the deadline.

Also, if you, or someone you know is interested in being a School of Religion teacher please call Loy at (415) 333-7630 ext. 15.

Mass Intentions

Mass Intentions for 2008 and 2009 are still available. There are many weekdays as well as a few weekends available. Mass Intentions are taken in person Monday thru Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm. You may, however, call the Parish Office to check the availability of dates.

Benefits Concert

Saint Patrick’s Seminary and University is hosting a benefits concert featuring JOHN ANGOTTI, an award winning composer and recording artist (featured presenter of the 2008 papal visit) on Saturday, August 23rd at St. Mary’s Cathedral (1111 Gough St, SF) at 2:00pm. For details please call (650) 325-6521 or visit:
Tickets: *General admission- $75 *Students-$25

For Your Information

Today’s Collection

This week’s second collection is for our Parish School.

Next’s Weeks Second Collection

Our second collection next week will be for the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal.

Last Week’s Collection Totals

Sunday’s Offering: $8,754.05
Second Collection:

Capital Campaign Update:

We have started the 2nd year of our Capital Campaign. Thanks to the commitment of 571 of our parish families, we are well on our way to eliminating our debt from Nano Nagle Hall. In hopes of burning our mortgage during our church’s Centennial Celebration in 2011, we need all our parish families’ cooperation. If you have not had the opportunity to make a pledge, we want you to know it is not too late. Together we can make Epiphany last another 100 years!

Families pledged: 571
Amount received: $270,009.87
Amount pledged: $939,827.00
Goal: $1,000,000.00

CYO Family Day 2008

CYO is having a Family Day at St. Ignatius High School (2001 37th Ave, SF) on Sunday, September 7th. The day begins with Mass at 11:30am and is followed by a picnic and activities. CYO Family Day celebrates the support families have shown our CYO programs while also allowing parents to expose their children to a community that celebrates positive philosophies. Activity Passes are $10 and Meal Deals are $5. Call (415) 972-1213 for info. or to buy tickets visit:

Reflections GOSPEL: Matthew 14:13-21

As this reading begins, Jesus is mourning the death of John the Baptist. He goes off in a boat to be alone, but the crowd healed by him follows him by land. They want to hear Jesus and to be healed by him. Forgetting his own sorrow, Jesus returns to shore to be with the people.

When the disciples want to send the crowd home at mealtime, Jesus says, “Give them something to eat.” The disciples have only five loaves and two fishes. Yet when Jesus blesses the food there is somehow enough for everyone, with plenty left over.

1.) Does this miracle story remind you of the Eucharist?

2.) Take a moment to thank God, who satisfies our needs in the Eucharist.