Church of the Epiphany
The Ascension of the Lord
May 4th, 2008 Bulletin

Meetings This Week

Sunday, May 4

11:00am RH RCIA
12:15pm CHP Guitar Lessons
1:00pm YM Latino Youth Group
2:00pm CAF Feast of St.Monica
2:30pm CH Baptisms
6:30pm CH Flores de Mayo

Monday, May 5

1:00pm CAF Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
5:00pm CRY Legion of Mary
6:00pm CH Flores de Mayo
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Tuesday, May 6

11:00am SMA Holy Rosary Sodality
5:00pm RH Youth Ministry
6:00pm CH Flores de Mayo
7:00pm 7W Talleres de Oracion y Vida
8:00pm DR AA (English)

Wednesday, May 7

6:00pm CH Flores de Mayo
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Thursday, May 8

6:00pm CH Flores de Mayo
7:00pm 7W Grupo de Oracion
7:00pm CAF Italian Catholic Fed.
7:00pm YM Latino Youth Group
8:00pm DR AA (English)

Friday, May 9

~No School~
6:00pm CH Flores de Mayo
7:30pm 7W English Baptismal Class

Saturday, May 10

9:30am CH Faith Formation
10:00am SCH School of Religion & Faith Formation
11:15am CAF School of Religion
4:00pm CH Confessions
6:30pm CH Flores de Mayo
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Sunday, May 11

12:15pm CHP Guitar Lessons
1:00pm YM Latino Youth Group
2:00pm Caf Filipino Task Force
2:30pm CH Baptisms
6:30pm CH Flores de Mayo

Mass Intentions

Sunday, May 4

6:30am Tony & Angelina Valerga
8:30am Jose Yap
10:00am Daluz Santos
11:30am Norberto, Margarita & Jesus Amezcua
1:00pm Dolores & Teodorico Rimon
5:30pm Juana Remindo

Monday, May 5

6:30am Joe Baciocco
Community Mass:

Joe Bianchi
Venancio De Guzman
Gloria Fabian
Matthew & May Maglasang (B)

Tuesday, May 6

6:30am Edgar Tolosa & Juan Solema
8:00am Loreto Bello

Wednesday, May 7

6:30am Luigi Lari
8:00am Esperanza Tagle

Thursday, May 8

6:30am Gloria Brewer
8:00am Emilia Rosi

Friday, May 9

6:30am Sanda Bingham
8:00am Michael Downing & John Russo

Saturday, May 10

8:00am Natividad Gilbuena & Giovanni Lombardi
5:30pm Maria & Giovanni Lombardi

Sunday, May 11

6:30am People of the Parish
8:30am Gregorio Alcaras & Jose Ramos
10:00am Miriam Micallef
11:30am Encarnacion Sanchez
1:00pm Socorro Hernandez
5:30pm John Quattrin

We Congratulate the Newly Baptized

Diego Aguilar-Montegro
Jaydrian Bennett
Jayden Bennett
Noel A. Cordero
Karla B. Chavez-Diaz

Aldrin Guzman
Calvin Guzman
Gretta Mae Soriano
Jayden Thompson
Jaymie-Tyanna Truque

Pray for the Sick

Carolina R. Alonzo
Mary Anduha
Richard Anduha
Nathan Carzon
Crystal Chan
Fanny Cruz
Jeremy Gillikin
Dennis Gillikin

Mary Elizabeth Green
Guillermo Guillen
Jerardo Ibarra
Mamerto Nieto
James Peter
Dolores Quattrin
Marie Reinhardt
Mila Viterbo

Pray for the Dead

Chusita Ayala
Audra Espinoza
Natalie Padia
Jose B. Romero-Cruz

All those who have died from violence this past week.

News from the Church of the Epiphany

Coming Up Soon


Congratulations to the newly confirmed! The Sacrament of Confirmation was celebrated last Saturday, April 26th by Bishop Ignatius C. Wang. A total of 110 candidates were confirmed. There were 32 students from our School of Religion, 69 students from School of the Epiphany, and 9 adults from our Adult Confirmation Program.

Thank you!!!

  • ICF Br.20 appreciates everyone who patronized our Spaghetti & Meatball Takeout. Thank you for making it a great success.
  • Thank you to our parishioners who donated 9 ciboria (liturgical vessels used during Communion). The ciboria were blessed by Bishop Wang during our Confirmation last Saturday.

Flores de Mayo

You are all invited to celebrate Flores de Mayo, celebrating Mary in May. Everyday in May we will pray the rosary and offer flowers to our Blessed Mother Mary. During weekdays (Monday-Friday) we will begin at 6:00pm in the church. On the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) we will begin after the 5:30pm Mass. We encourage everyone to come pray and offer flowers!

Today’s Second Collection

This week’s second collection is for our Parish School.

Next Week’s Second Collection

Our second collection next week is for the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal.

Last Week’s Collection Totals

Offertory: $8,563.50
Mission Collection:


Pentecost Sunday

All are invited to wear red on Pentecost, May 11th, as an expression of our Catholic identity.

Cache Creek Casino

The Over 50 Club invites you to join them on Tuesday, May 20th to Cache Creek Casino. The cost is $26 per person with bonuses. For reservations please call Steve at (415) 239-7740. The bus will leave at 9:00am exactly from Italy & Naples Streets.

The Missionaries of Charity

The Missionaries of Charity (Sisters of the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta) invite you to the First Profession of Vows of seven of their novices on Saturday, May 24, 2008, at St. Boniface Church (133 Golden Gate Ave, SF). The Holy Mass will begin at 10:00am. All are welcome! Please keep the Sisters in your prayers.

Group Leaders

We need all group leaders to turn in their schedules for the 08-09 year by Monday, June 9th. Forms are available at the Parish Office. Any questions should be directed to Jenny.

2009 Mass Intentions

The Mass Intention Calendar for 2009 will open on Monday, June 2nd at 9:00am. Only one intention will be taken per Mass except for Community Masses, which are held every Monday at 8:00am. In order to accommodate all our parishioner’s requests, we are limiting requests to 10 per person. Forms are available at the Parish Office. Please note that ALL requests must be made in person.

School of the Epiphany

School of the Epiphany is still accepting students in grades K-8 for the 08-09 school year.Please contact the School Office at (415) 337-4030 to schedule a school tour, or to have an information packet sent to your home. Learn more at:

For Your Information


To date, $928,497.96 has been pledged. Of that pledged amount, $237,735.97has been received. Thank you for your continued commitment to help us reduce our interest payments and to help move our vital programs and services forward!

Archbishop’s Annual Appeal:

Thank you to all those who have returned their Archbishop’s Annual Appeal pledges and donations. As of last week, we have reached 28.5% or $24,000.00 of our assigned goal, which is $84,800.00 If you have not received a letter or a brochure, please pick one up at any entrance of the church.

Matthew 4:2-23, God’s Will Comes First

John was Jesus’ first cousin, and the prophet of whom Isaiah wrote, “A voice cries out: In the desert prepare the way of the LORD!” (Isaiah 40:3) Jesus must have loved him dearly as a cousin but also as one who did God’s will.

Upon hearing of John’s arrest, Jesus knew his death was not far behind. Instead of indulging in personal grief, Jesus continued on with his role in God’s saving mission. He persisted in continuing to fulfill Isaiah’s prophecies regarding him. He put God’s will first.

Then Jesus started gathering his disciples. Whoever he called immediately set aside his personal business, desires, and activities, and followed Jesus without question. These men, too, put God’s will first. What can a parent do? Remind children that we are called to fulfill our part in God’s salvation plan just like Jesus and his disciples. It’s not always what we want to do but it is always what we need to do. Followers of Jesus always put God’s will before our own.

Reflections GOSPEL: Matthew 28:16-20

This is the closing scene from Matthew’s Gospel. The eleven disciples have returned to Galilee after receiving the good news of the resurrection from Mary Magdalene. At their first sight of the risen Lord, the disciples still cannot shake off all their doubt. But when Jesus speaks, they recognize his voice and his message. They are to go, baptize, and teach. They are to invite all nations to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we might get the idea that this happened such a long time ago, and the “going, baptizing, and teaching” were for the apostles and not for us today. Of course the apostles and their successors, the pope and bishops, and their helpers, the priests have a great responsibility here. But the rest of us also belong to the “priesthood of the faithful.” We also can go to others, reach out with a helping hand, a friendly welcome, a listening ear. We can “baptize” others, not with water (unless it is an emergency and the one we are baptizing is in danger of death), but with our prayers, our love, and our concern. We can teach the way of Jesus in the best way possible, by our example. Every follower of Jesus is an apostle in this way. And we can do this because Jesus is with us always, to the end!

1.) How will you “go, baptize, and teach” today, in your particular situation, with and for the people God has placed in your life?

2.) Are you ready and willing to be an apostle today?