Church of the Epiphany
Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion
March 16th, 2008 Bulletin

Meetings This Week

Sunday, March 16

9:00am CAF Knights of Columbus
11:00am RH RCIA
12:15 pm CHP Guitar Lessons
1:00pm YM Latino Youth Group
2:00pm CAF Filipino Society
2:30pm CH Baptisms

Monday, March 17

5:00pm CRY Legion of Mary
5:00pm LIB Alliance Meeting
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Tuesday, March 18

5:00pm RH Youth Ministry
7:00pm CAF Knights of Columbus
7:00pm SMA SCC (TZ)
7:00pm RH Baptismal Home Visitors

Wednesday, March 19

10:00am CH Penance Service
6:00pm CH Penance Service
7:00pm CAF EPA Meeting
7:00pm SMA SCC (FB)
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Thursday, March 20

8:00pm DR AA (English)

Friday, March 21 - Good Friday

Saturday, March 22 - Holy Saturday

8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Sunday, March 23 -Easter

6:00am CAF Filipino Consultative Board
12:15pm CHP Guitar Lessons
1:00pm YM Latino Youth Group
2:00pm RH Filipino Consultative Board

Mass Intentions

Sunday, March 16

6:30am Pilar Ramos, Aida & Marina Briones
8:30am Msgr. Charles Durkin
10:00am Eduardo Bautista
11:30am Francisco Chang
1:00pm Ida Farina
5:30pm Leo & Theresa Bersamina

Monday, March 17

6:30am Ricardo Bartolome
8:00am Community Mass:

Mingo & Louisa Baciocco
Thanksgiving: Helen Harrington
Angela Olivarez

7:00 pm

Arthur Braida

Tuesday, March 18

6:30am Mingo & Louisa Baciocco
8:00am Manuel Jesus Aburto
7:00pm Carlo Renati

Wednesday, March 19

6:30am Thanksgiving: Angela Herrera
8:00am Severino Tigbao
7:00pm Marcelina Ramsey

Thursday, March 20

7:00pm Rodolfo Cheng and Nancy Navarro

Friday, March 21

No Mass-No Intentions

Saturday, March 22

8:00pm The Lari & Rosi Family and Sr. Catherine Mattson

Sunday, March 23

4:30am Belen Cruz
6:30am John & Sophie Arias
8:30am Katrina Lee
10:00am Walditrodes Calpito
11:30am Enrique Roman
1:00pm Carmen Dy Uchi

We Congratulate the Newly Baptized

Dallas J. Faafiu

Pray for the Sick

Lucila Almero
Remedios Almero
Simeona Asuncion
Olgita Anleu
Arnold & Allyson Artes
Chusita Ayala
David Barrientos
Nathan Carzon
Arturo Castillo
Gilda Chankuo
Carmen Cintron
Michael De Los Santos
Aurora Escalona
Frank Garre
Jose GonzalezDolores Gudino
Guillermo Guillen
Arsenio Herrera

Alex Inonog
Alma Farina
Bob Fontan
Richard Kowalkowski
Leona Lawrence
Diana Leung
Ruth McLaughlin
Carmela Miller
Nestor Naval
Mamerto Nieto
Oai Nguyen
Rufino Orozco
William Sausano
Gabriel Tejeda
Martha Torrea
Jose Torrifiel

Pray for the Dead

Angelina Amezcua
Roberto Centeno
James F. Linney
Hermenegildo Maglasang

All those who have died from violence this past week.

News from the Church of the Epiphany

Coming Up This Week

Important Rehearsals

Holy Thursday (Mar.20): All Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers are asked to meet in the church at 6:15pm for a rehearsal.

Easter Vigil (Mar.22): All Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers and Ushers are asked to meet in the church at 7:00pm for a rehearsal.

Parish Mission

Mark your calendars for our Parish Mission, which will be held at 7:00pm in our church on:

*Monday, March 17th: “Prayer”
*Tuesday, March 18th: “Fasting”
*Wed., March 19th: ”Almsgiving”

Decorating for Easter

We need help decorating and cleaning the church for Easter on Holy Thursday (Mar.20) at 2:00pm and Holy Saturday (Mar. 22) between 10:00am-4:00pm. Please come for an hour or two.

Flowers for Holy Week

We need calla lilies and other white flowers for Holy Thursday. Please bring them to the Parish Office by Wednesday, March 19. Spring flowers for Easter may be brought to the church by the morning of Saturday, March 22. Thank you for your donations.

Bells! Bells! Bells!

Don’t forget to bring small bells to ring during the Gloria on both Holy Thursday (Mar.20) and the Easter Vigil (Mar.22).

Today’s Second Collection

This week’s second collection is for our our Athletic Program.

Next Week’s Second Collection

Our second collection next week is for Catholic Relief Services.

Last Week’s Collection Totals

The first collection: $10,228.63
AAA collection:
$ 3,057.79


Papal Holy Week Masses from Rome

EWTN will telecast Pope Benedict XVI conducting the following Holy Week liturgies:

Palm Sunday Mass, Mar. 16 at 5pm
Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Mar. 20 at 9pm
Way of the Cross, Mar. 21 at 5pm
Easter Vigil Mass, Mar. 22 at 9pm
Easter Sunday Mass, Mar.23 at 9am
Easter Message & Blessing, Mar. 23 at 10:30am.

EWTN also will air, from the National Shrine in Washington, D.C., the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Mar. 20 at 2:30pm; and Easter Vigil Mass, Mar. 22 at 5pm.

EWTN is carried on: Comcast Digital Ch. 229; Astound Ch. 80; DISH sate. Ch. 261 and Direct TV ch. 370.
Note: all times are Pacific Time

Salubong-Easter at Dawn

You are all invited to attend the Salubong celebration for the meeting of the Risen Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Assembly time is 4:30am and Mass starts at 5:00am.A reception will follow in the cafeteria.

Visit Youth in Jails

Comunidad San Dimas invites you to attend 3 training sessions and become part of their volunteer ministry service to visit youth in jails. The sessions will be held April 12, 19, and 26 from 8:00am to 5:00pm at 1249 Alabama Street in San Francisco. Register today! Call Julio Escobar (415) 244-5594 or visit:

Divine Mercy Sunday

Everyone is invited to the Divine Mercy Sunday celebration on March 30th at the 1:00pm Mass. Reception and fellowship follow in the cafeteria.

St. Patrick’s Raffle Winners:

1st Prize $5,000: Kathy Fourre
2nd Prize $2,000: Bob Lasirona
3rd Prize $1,000: Felipe Chan
4th Prize $250: Caridad Masangkay
5th Prize $250: Grupo de Oracion
6th Prize $250: Gutierrez-Suarez Fam.
7th Prize $250: Carlos Corea

Spaghetti & Meatball Takeout

Italian Catholic Federation Br.20 is hosting a Spaghetti & Meatball Takeout on Sunday, April 27. Please call Barbara at (415) 333-8288 or pick up a form at the Parish Office.

For Your Information


“Do not neglect good deeds and generosity; God is pleased by sacrifice of that kind.” -Hebrew 12:16

To date, $ 929,442.96 have been pledged. Of that pledged amount, $ 218,085.10 has been received. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Thank you for your continued commitment to help us reduce our interest payments and to help move our vital programs and services forward!

Archbishop’s Annual Appeal:

Thank you to all those who have returned their Archbishop’s Annual Appeal pledges and donations. As of last week, we have reached 21.5% or $18,000.00 of our assigned goal, which is $84,800.00 If you have not received a letter or a brochure, please pick one up at any entrance of the church.

Feather Falls Casino

Grupo Hispano invites you to join them at Feather Falls Casino on Saturday, March 29th. The cost is $17 per person with a $10 cash- back bonus. The bus leaves at 7:00am sharp from Italy & Naples Sts. For reservations and information please call Maria Elena at (415) 585-7878.

Mass Schedule:

Parish Mission:
March 17-19 at 7:00pm

Communal Penance Service:
March 19 at 10-11am and 6-7pm

Holy Thursday (Lord’s Supper)
March 20 at 7:00pm

Good Friday:
Stations of the Cross 12-1:00pm
Children’s Liturgy (cafeteria) 12-1:00pm
Reflection from 1-1:30pm
Solemn Liturgy from 1:30-3:00pm
Solemn Liturgy (Spanish) 7:00pm

Holy Saturday:
Easter Vigil at 8:00pm

Easter Sunday:
Salubong at 4:30am
6:30am, 8:30am, 10:00am,
11:30am (Spanish) & 1:00pm
There will be no 5:30pm Mass

Reflections GOSPEL: Matthew 26:14-27:66 or 27:11-54

This gospel is a reading of the passion (or suffering) of Christ. On this Sunday we are reading it “according to Matthew.” We see Jesus betrayed by two of his friends, Judas and Peter, and by the crowd. We see him mocked and beaten by the soldiers who laughingly “honor” him as King of the Jews. Wounded, crowned with thorns, and dying a little more each step of the way, Jesus carries his cross to Calvary. His suffering is so great that he wonders if even God has left him to die alone. Still Jesus willingly gives up his spirit. With the centurion we pray: “Clearly, this was the Son of God!”

1.) Jesus offered his entire life and his entire self to the Father, including his suffering and death. He did this voluntarily. Even though he was God, he chose “the lowest place” out of love. We, like Jesus, suffer because we are human. People still suffer, here in our own country and around the world. Can you name some of the ways and some of the reasons why people suffer today?

2.) What does Jesus want us to do about human suffering? (Think about the parable of the Good Samaritan.) Think of one way your and your group could help lessen human suffering in some way. Then do so, in the name of Jesus.