Church of the Epiphany
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 9th, 2008 Bulletin

Meetings This Week

Sunday, March 9

11:00am RH RCIA
12:15pm CHP Guitar Lessons
1:00pm YM Latino Youth Group
2:30pm CAF
School Open House
2:30pm CH Baptisms

Monday, March 10

1:00pm KIT Over 50
5:00pm CRY Legion of Mary
7:00pm CAF English Bible Class
7:00pm LIB Finance Council Mtg.
7:30pm CRY St.Vincent de Paul
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Tuesday, March 11

9:00am CH School Prayer Service
11:00am CAF Over 50
5:00pm RH Youth Ministry
7:00pm 7W Talleres de Oracion y Vida
7:00pm SMA SCC (TZ)
7:00pm CAF School of Religion Parents’s meeting for 1st Communion
7:00pm SMJ Grupo Hispano Mtg.

Wednesday, March 12

7:00pm SMA SCC (FB)
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Thursday, March 13

7:00pm 7W Grupo de Oracion
7:00pm CAF Italian Catholic Federation
7:00pm RH Adult Confirmation Preparation Class
7:00pmYM Latino Youth Group
7:30pm CRY Epip.of the Lord
8:00pm DR AA (English)

Friday, March 14

7:00pm 7W English Baptismal Class

Saturday, March 15

9:30am CH Faith Formation
10:00am SCH School of Religion/Faith Formation
11:15am CAF School of Religion
1:00pm RH Grief Ministry
2:00pm CAF Knights of Columbus Assembly
4:00pm CH Confessions
8:00pm DR Grupo Progreso

Sunday, March 16

9:00am CAF Knights of Columbus
11:00am RH RCIA
12:15pm CHP Guitar Lessons
1:00pm YM Latino Youth Group
2:00pm CAF Filipino Society
2:30pm CH Baptisms

Mass Intentions

Sunday, March 9

6:30am Bob Volpe
8:30am Michael Downing & John Russo
10:00am Teodorico & Dolores Rimon
11:30am Rolando Mendieta
1:00pm Dario, Dan, Merle & Dina Brunicardi
5:30pm Lester & Catherine Callaghan

Monday, March 10

6:30am Clara Cuddy
8:00am Community Mass:

Cathlyn Bantug
Victorio Salinda.

Tuesday, March 11

6:30am Rolando Cruz
8:00am Placida Larion de Jesus

Wednesday, March 12

6:30am Marcelino & Leogarda Naval
8:00am Simona Gilbuena

Thursday, March 13

6:30am Marcelino Cabahug
8:00am Matilda Calabrese

Friday, March 14

6:30am Father Patrick McCarthy
8:00am Florentina Umipig

Saturday, March 15

8:00am Sylvia Solari
5:30pm Margaret Byron

Sunday, March 16

6:30am Pilar Ramos, Aida & Marina Briones
8:30am Msgr. Charles Durkin
10:00am Eduardo Bautista
11:30am Francisco Chang
1:00pm Ida Farina
5:30pm Leo & Theresa Bersamina

At a Glance:
Un Pequeño Vistazo y Recordatorio:

*Palm Sunday/Domingo de Ramos:

March 16th (next week)

*Parish Mission/Misión Parroquial:

March 17th ,18th & 19th

*Communal Penance/Servicio Penitencial:

March 19th

*Holy Thursday/Jueves Santo:

March 20th

*Good Friday/Viernes Santo:

March 21st
(Fast & Abstinence)/(ayuno y abstinencia)

*Easter Vigil/Sábado de Gloria:

March 22nd

*Easter Sunday/Domingo de Pascua:

March 23rd

Pray for the Sick

Lucila Almero
Remedios Almero
Angelina Anezcua
Olgita Anleu
Arnold & Allyson Artes
Chusita Ayala
David Barrientos
Nathan Carzon
Arturo Castillo
Gilda Chankuo
Michael De Los Santos
Aurora Escalona
Jose Gonzalez
Dolores Gudino

Guillermo Guillen
Alma Farina
Bob Fontan
Leona Lawrence
Diana Leung
Ruth McLaughlin
Nestor Naval
Mamerto Nieto
Oai Nguyen
Rufino Orozco
William Sausano
Gabriel Tejeda
George Tolentino

Pray for the Dead

Arthur Braida
Tomas Lim
Manuel Suarez
Ignacio Yu
Bena Yu

All those who have died from violence this past week.

News from the Church of the Epiphany

Coming Up Soon

Epiphany School’s Open House

There will be an Open House for prospective families to learn about Epiphany School this Sunday, March 9th beginning at 2:30pm in the school cafeteria. Come meet the teachers, students, administration, and parents and find out more about the school’s program. Applications will be available for the 2008-2009 school year. Come enjoy refreshments and participate in a raffle.

Epiphany School’s Book Faire

Epiphany School will be having a Book Faire until Wed., March 12th between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm. Please note that the Book Faire will not be open during the weekend.

Thank You...

*Many thanks to the Knights of Columbus and their ladies for sponsoring a very meaningful and refreshing recollection last Saturday.

*A very big thank you to Benny Menconi for making a handmade cabinet so we can store our Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors medallions.

Grateful Thanks

The Church of the Epiphany wishes to thank the estate of Clara Cuddy for a very generous bequest. Mrs. Cuddy was almost 100 years old when she died last fall and had not been active as a parishioner for many years, but long-time parishioners may remember her from her involvement her long ago. Please remember the soul of Clara Cuddy in your prayers.

Upcoming Celebrations

The church will celebrate:

*St.Patrick on March 14th
*St. Joseph on March 15th.

Today’s Second Collection

This week’s second collection is for the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal.

Next Week’s Second Collection

Our second collection next week is for our Athletic Program.

Last Week’s Collection Totals

The first collection: $10,510.00
School collection:
$ 2,078.88


Thunder Valley Trip Canceled

The Over 50’s casino trip for March 18th is canceled. There will be one in April. More information to come.

Feather Falls Casino

Grupo Hispano invites you to join them at Feather Falls Casino on Saturday, March 29th. The cost is $17 per person with a $10 cash- back bonus. The bus leaves at 7:00am sharp from Italy & Naples Sts. For reservations and information please call Maria Elena at (415) 585-7878.

Parish Mission

Mark your calendars for our Parish Mission, which will be held at 7:00pm in our church on:

*Monday, March 17th: “Prayer”
*Tuesday, March 18th: “Fasting”
*Wed., March 19th: ”Almsgiving”

Visit Youth in Jails

Comunidad San Dimas invites you to attend 3 training sessions and become part of their volunteer ministry service to visit youth in jails. The sessions will be held April 12, 19, and 26 from 8:00am to 5:00pm at 1249 Alabama Street in San Francisco. Reguster today! Call Julio Escobar (415) 244-5594 or visit:

Sarah’s Law

Many young girls have died after having abortions because their families did not know about their abortions. Sarah’s Law will require a doctor to inform an adult family member of a minor girl intending to have an abortion so that if something goes wrong, somebody will be able to help her. Please sign a petition after Mass to put Sarah’s Law on the November ballot.

Spaghetti & Meatball Takeout

Italian Catholic Federation Br.20 is hosting a Spaghetti & Meatball Takeout on Sunday, April 27 from 10:00am to 3:00pm in the cafeteria. Dinner includes spaghetti, meatballs, salad and bread for $8 per meal or $25 for a family of 4. Please call Barbara at (415) 333-8288 or pick up a form at the Parish Office. Make checks payable to: ICF Br.20. Reservation deadline is April 23rd.

For Your Information


“When you give to Him, give freely and not with ill will; for the Lord, your God, will bless you for this in all your works and undertakings.”

-Deutoronomy 15:10

To date, $ 929,442.96 have been pledged. Of that pledged amount, $ 201,506.76 has been received. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Thank you for your continued commitment to help us reduce our interest payments and to help move our vital programs and services forward!

Archbishop’s Annual Appeal:

Thank you to all those who have returned their Archbishop Annual Appeal pledges and donations. As of last week, we have reached 12.25% or $12,000.00 of our assigned goal, which is $84,800.00 If you have not received a letter or a brochure, please pick one up at any entrance of the church.

Dear parishioners...

We ask everyone who donates to our Capital Campaign and/or Archbishop’s Annual Appeal to please mark their envelopes either: donation or pledge, so that we can properly record them. Thank you for your understanding and generosity!

To Receive Holy Communion at Home

For anyone who is not able to come to a weekend Mass for whatever reason-they are encouraged to phone the parish office and invite the priest or a Eucharistic Minister to the Homebound to bring them Holy Communion. This applies, also, to someone who is recuperating from surgery or other illness.

It is important that the request comes from the patient, or someone who has been asked to act for the patient. For someone from the parish office to inquire can seem quite intrusive and/or offensive. Unless the parish office is notified there is no way we can know who is ill, in the hospital, moved to a convalescent residence or gone home to God. Since the privacy law was enacted, this information cannot be made available to members of the Parish Staff by the hospital. Either the individual himself/herself or a designated member of the family , who can speak for that person, must make the request.

Reflections GOSPEL: John 11:3-7,17,20-27,33b-45

Those of us who have lost a beloved family member or friend know how Martha and Mary must have felt. Their brother Lazarus died. And Jesus did not protect them from the pain of mourning. In fact, Jesus wept, too, and was deeply troubled. But death is never the end of the story for Jesus or those who believe in him.

“I am the resurrection and the life,” Jesus tells Martha. At Jesus’ command, Lazarus, all bound up in burial wrappings, slowly emerges from the tomb. What a scene that must have been! And what a promise to us!.

1.) This story is seen as a foretaste of the resurrection of Jesus, and of our own resurrection, too. During the weeks of Lent, we are preparing to celebrate resurrection. Do you see any “foretastes of resurrection joy” around you? In nature? In the love of your family and friends? In the care and concern of neighbors? In your own heart? If you do, you will be following in the footsteps of Jesus and all the saints.

2.) These signs of resurrection may not be as dramatic as Lazarus’ rising from the dead, but they are just as real. How many do you experience? Keep looking for them this week! 

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